Data-Driven Insights for Affiliate Marketing is Finally Here


We’ve all been suffering for the past decade and a half to make decisive affiliate marketing campaign optimizations. The affiliate networks are way outdated, lack any quantitative data, brontosaurus-slow and quite frankly impossible to use without the assistance of Google Analytics.

The affiliate networks have been listening to our needs, Commission Junction was acquired by Conversant, and recently in January of this year [2017] Affiliate Window announced the acquisition of ShareASale, they and other networks have been talking about new features. They’ve learned that the affiliate click is a very important path to the journey of customer shopping conversion, they have finally woken up to work fast to provide major changes to their existing platforms. Their approach is to keep their clients onboard with the insights to make better data-driven decisions.

We can expect in the near future to update our affiliate conversion tags with more complex parameters to track back data such as; time-on-site, device type, new vs. returning visit, customer location and much more.

This provides transparency into the activity, the ability to recognize affiliate’s true mobile contribution, connecting customer shopping experiences cross-device, and ultimately allowing to compensate for a shopping scenario somewhere within the funnel of attribution model.

It’s a big win for marketers pouring big budgets into the affiliate channel, this enables advanced budgeting and commission strategies on publisher and channel level in a way we’ve longed for in the past via the big name affiliate networks. Allows for more control on deciding when a payout to individual affiliates should be during the journey to conversion. For instance, we may consider a cash-back affiliate to drive returning visitors and deliver last-click conversions, otherwise, a large audience blogger may drive new acquiring visitors featuring an article including your latest products, when do you payout these affiliates a commission for their efforts, therefore can be answered with better insights.

Other insights can help to increase program profitability by directing customers to higher converting landing pages, leading to increased AOV & conversion rates. Our messaging to customers may change, being more personalized, I look forward to the day a dynamic approach being made available will come.

To summarize, this will improve customer experience by leveraging attributes for optimization within the affiliate channel. Look out for these changes in the coming months.

If you have any questions you would like to ask me about affiliate marketing, data-driven marketing or performance marketing, then you may reach out to us directly.

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